Juan Les Pins nightlife

view of Golfe Juan from Juan les Pins
View of Golfe Juan from Juan les Pins

Juan les Pins at night

In the evenings the centre of town is pedestrianised and the cafes and restaurants on the pavements come to life.

Shops and stalls on the beach-front are open until midnight and childrens' activities are open past 1am.

And for big children the Casino is chic . . . not to be confused with a chain of French food shops

Musicians perform and ice-creams abound

Restaurants on the beaches . . . from the quiet to the entertaining

If you would like to stay in Juan but away from the noise, here is an apartment to rent which is well situated for enjoying Juan at its best . . .
At midnight there is an enormous traffic jam through the middle of town. With 250,000 people coming down here for a fireworks evening, this is perhaps from natural causes.

But walking onwards one finds that the usual number of people waiting to get into one of the cocktail bars

has tripled with people on the edges straining to looking in

at one of the acts that knocks the Moulin Rouge and the CanCan into a cocked hat. This is truly one of the spectacles that makes Juan les pins famous throughout the South of France

Not just live music but three spectacular

dusky ladies perform ritual dances from Brazil . . .

in which standing waves ripple upon their bodies as the dance achieves appropriate resonant frequencies . . . and the effect is most pronounced upon their rear. The spectacle is enjoyed by all agegroups who come here from 7 to beyond 70.
After this, the usual nightclubs take over, with names like Milk, Keops, Whisky a Go Go and Vroom Vroom . . . vey boring after Pam Pam

Juan Les Pins is different by day

If you don't want the razzmatazz of Juan but would like to rent a nice apartment or two in an old villa or anywhere else in a quieter place the the webmaster knows local owners and agents and can put you in touch. Please put Antibes Rental in the subject heading.

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