Tanning your boobs in the South of France

statue showing boobs

Tanning topless is a feature of public beaches in the South of France

topless beach
Whilst complete nudity is not permitted except on naturist beaches all beaches on the Riviera are topless beaches. Western culture has a hang-up about bare breasts, making the South of France rather special: many cultures have no problem with bare boobs, as Wikipedia points out.

Do you like exposing your boobs? Why compromise your tan and suffer two ugly white blobs . . .
white boobs
private villas with secluded swimming pools
Rate my boobs photo in pool
rate my boobs on the beach next to a nice lilo
French beach resorts
are the place to come to relax and tan . . . in the pool or in the sea . . .
Nice boobs in the sea
(Many thanks to the "rate my boobs" entrant for the photos above)

In France topless tanning is perfectly ordinary and lots and lots of ladies do it . . .

nice boobs on the beach
natural boobs naked breasts topless woman
perfect tanned boobs
Whilst other holiday places might be more reserved, in France the body is beautiful and boobs often go bare on the topless beaches . . . all shapes and sizes - natural boobs . . . - you don't have to be Pamela Anderson to be beautiful . . . but here you'll find nice boobs if not huge ones and the atmosphere of chic French beaches is ideal for topless model girls to tan all over on a topless vacation. Whilst most women wear swimsuits or bikinis, naked boobs are commonplace on holiday on the free for all topless beaches. You don't have to be self conscious about not having perfect boobs. No-one takes any notice except, of course, for the purposes of collecting the topless photos for the boobs gallery for this page . . . so going topless is fine.
bared boobs bare boobs french boobs tanned boobs naked boobs tiny boobs boob nipple

Would you like your boobs in our boob gallery on this page? Please email them to jean@antespam.co.uk Please email us also if you would like a "rate my boobs" feature in this gallery . . .

We made the boob of running out of batteries and coming with a camera which went psychedelic . . . we hope you like psychedelic boobs as well . . .
good pair of breasts huge boobs big breasts showing boobs on beach good pair of boobs
In addition to this survey of naked breasts on the beach which was made in a spirit of fun,

there was one topless woman who was so anorexic that her tiny breasts had entirely disappeared leaving only nipples, surrounded by ribs, bones, veins and sinue. She wore gold bangles and clearly thought herself beautiful. She looked like a dissection covered by skin with legs which were even worse. That photo was too tragic and obscene to appear on this page. If you can usefully help someone who is anorexic possibly with that photo, asking them what they think they are doing to themselves, it's here but please don't look at it for idle curiosity.
What boobs have you made when coming on holiday?

When you are in the South of France a visit to the Pam Pam on summer evenings won't disappoint if you want to see fantastic dancing. However the dancers are not topless there, but have clearly acquired a topless tan . . .
We found the following funny stories about topless bathing on message boards:
If you like the sight of topless bathing and find it too hot outside

Aira and Chlo are a great source of fun on the French Riviera especially when Chlo finishes work at Le Rocher

and goes to the beach

She enjoys her retirement in the south of France

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Whilst looking for godesses thank goodness we didn't see anyone exposing their buttocks at the beach like this - wearing a skirt or trousers would have been most uncomfortable. Thank goodness they didn't make us entirely in their image!
nude gods exposed